Cross Border Layout Of The “Fitness Track”


For several years, Mr. Wang, an avid fitness enthusiast, has been engaging in home workouts interspersed with gym sessions. He typically performs exercises like sit-ups and rowing motions at home that don’t require large equipment, citing the advantage of greater flexibility with his time.

Relevant data reveals that the top five best-selling fitness equipment items since last November were treadmills for home use, magnetic control spin bikes, elliptical trainers, foam rollers, and strength training machines. Consumers have shown a growing interest in attributes such as stylish designs, easy disassembly, foldability, and quiet operation.

Against this backdrop, some brands are targeting consumers’ desire for compact yet effective home fitness equipment by venturing into the home fitness sector, aiming to create workout gear that seamlessly integrates with residential interiors.

Recently, Swedish furniture giant IKEA launched its inaugural series of home workout furniture named “DALJIEN Da Jielien.” This collection includes a storage bench that doubles as a rowing aid and coffee table, a mobile trolley designed to carry fitness accessories, and mint-green, ring-shaped dumbbells. IKEA positions DALJIEN as a limited edition range of intelligent multi-functional fitness equipment, which serves both household storage or furniture purposes and facilitates exercise.

Industry insiders opine that home workouts complement gym-based fitness routines effectively, utilizing fragmented time and enhancing domestic ambiance. DALJIEN addresses the traditional drawbacks of large and intrusive fitness equipment in the home environment; however, it currently fails to meet the specialized needs of consumers and cannot compete with professional sports equipment brands, thus limiting its appeal primarily to beginners seeking to cultivate a fitness habit.

“Home fitness equipment’s competitiveness lies in its convenience and ease of use,” stated industry economic observer Liang Zhenpeng in an interview. “The integration of home fitness equipment with furniture can satisfy basic workout requirements, making it an excellent choice for those with limited space for dedicated home gym setups. IKEA’s ‘cross-over attempt’ presents possibilities for creating a new product category.” He also suggested that traditional sports equipment companies could explore partnerships with furniture brands to leverage their strengths and develop more professional home fitness equipment.

Post time: Jan-29-2024